Perfecto! Journey to Learning Spanish Seminar w/Jose Estrada


Overview: Come join a fun seminar to help Spanish speakers of every level develop the basic skills they need to begin practicing Spanish with their peers.

Date and Time: Saturday 21st, 2024 @ 1:00 PM

Location: Seminar Room

About Presenter:

Jose Estrada, Founder, Talk to Me in Spanish

Jose has been teaching Spanish to teens, children, and adults in various settings since 2010. His journey began when he taught his best friend, G.P. Cole, sparking a passion for teaching. Inspired by this experience, Jose joined and organized local Meetup groups, including “El Grupo Epico,” now with over 1,300 members. His unique, immersive, and practical teaching methods led to the creation of Talk To Me In Spanish. Talk To Me In Spanish focuses on building a supportive community, immersing students in Latin culture, and providing a safe environment to practice Spanish. This approach makes language learning easier and faster, helping the community reach their language goals together.

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