Own Your Story Seminar w/Sylvia Roldan


Summary: Learn to identify the aspects of your story that will allow your audience to connect with you and your service or product by choosing your vocal variety, tone & body language to curate your story in a way that it becomes a masterpiece ready for unveiling when and where you choose. 

Date and Time: Sunday, September 22, 2024 @ 11:30 AM

Approximate Run Time: 45-60 Mins

Location: Seminar Room

About Presenter:

Sylvia Roldan, Founder, Speaking Made Simpler

Sylvia is a Los Angeles native, whose Guatemalan and Ecuadorian roots gave her a unique perspective early on in life. As an avid traveler she has explored 40+ countries across 6 continents. To say she has stories to tell is an understatement. Add to that being a West Coast chica who studied on the East Coast, being a polyglot with 8 languages under her belt and let’s just say she has a lot to share. Sylvia pursued teaching for 15 years, ultimately being the founding Spanish teacher at a private international school in Hong Kong, where she maintains permanent residency. This global experience in and outside of the classroom is what gives Sylvia the ability to connect with clients from diverse backgrounds. After taking some time off to care for her mom, Sylvia got back into the professional world. This time using her talents as a Distinguished Toastmaster to become a Public Speaking Coach. She is the Principal Coach at Speaking Made Simpler. Today, Sylvia is the in house coach for Inner World Training, an international company that serves coaches starting their businesses. Additionally, she is a host and moderator for Something Latina, a part of Wafi Media LLC

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