Intro to Business w/Lucee Cesena


Summary:  Get Educated in business essentials, such as setting up your corporation, compliance, brand identity, and more.

Date and Time: Saturday, September 21, 2024 @ 2:15 PM

Approximate Run Time: 45-60 Mins

Location: Seminar Room

About Presenter:

Lucee Cesena, CEO of Nobility Consulting Services

Lucee Cesena is an accomplished entrepreneur and the owner of Nobility Consulting Services, a full service company that specializes in corporate services as well as modern marketing and social media services. She is passionate about assisting new and existing businesses with their launches and helps streamline their operations for maximum results. In this regard, she has established a strong network of CPAs, attorneys, consultants, business owners, and other firms who have relied on her expertise and direction. Lucee started out her career in sales at the age of 17, working in the financial industry with Washington Mutual and CalFed as a customer service specialist. She later moved on to IndyMac bank as a business development manager where she worked until the 2008 real estate crash. She then transitioned into selling payroll working for ADP payroll services, before leaving to start her own business in 2011. Here, she incorporates her knowledge on sales and marketing to help her clients with their business and marketing needs. Lucee is an active member of the community and enjoys working with young girls to empower, motivate, and educate them, reminding them of how precious and valuable they truly are.

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