About Revolucion

About Revolucion

‘Revolucion’ is a yearly festival for Hispanic Heritage Month featuring the most diverse and inclusive speakers, panels, creators, and artists. The festival is presented by Todo Wafi a leading digital media company representing the diversity of the Latino community. Todo Wafi’s social media channels have a total audience of over 880,000 Latinos such as:

What is Revolucion?

Revolución 2024 is an annual program showcasing the most diverse and inclusive Latino/Latina speakers, panels, creators, and artists. This is not just a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month; it is a platform where all voices can engage in conversations while showcasing the rich cultural contributions that shape the Latino/a/e experience creating a lasting impact in the community.

Why I Created It?

“I created TodoWafi and Revolucion because I was tired of society painting our culture with the same brush during Hispanic Heritage Month. Nothing about us is generic; our culture, food, music, literature, and even languages are extremely diverse. When you look at our Revolución lineup and content it is very intentional. Our goal is to ensure that you see yourself and your life experiences reflected in the programming and that you feel a sense of pride to be Latino/Latina/Latine. Representation Matters!”